Recycled hemp button

Hemp is more and more cultivated plant since we see it as more ecological. It is easily cultivable without any chemicals and it does not require a lot of water or care. Recycled hemp is the main component of these sewing buttons. It’s combined with production byproducts that would otherwise be thrown away.


Corozo button

Corozo comes from the nuts of Tagua trees and is often referred to as “vegetable ivory” thanks to its durable and animal-friendly properties. The nuts are harvested naturally, as they only fall to the ground once ripe, meaning that no deforestation or unethical intervention is necessary.

There’s something almost magical about the corozo nut buttons.  They are 100% Natural, non-toxic, scratch resistant  and Biodegradable. Nothing  symbolizes natural luxury better. We hope you appreciate them as much as we do! 


Coffee buttons

Coffee grounds are a raw material that is available in huge quantities and can be recycled and reused in myriad different ways. This high-quality recycled  button partially made from coffee and production byproducts. This “waste” is given a 2nd chance, saving resourcing along the way - it is collected, shredded and used to form new buttons.